Video Intercoms

Video Intercoms can increase your overall safety at home or at your business by allowing you to see who is at the door before you decide to open it or not open it.

A video intercom system works with a camera unit mounted outside the entrance door (or designated area) and a display monitor installed inside your home (or business) showing what the camera is pointing at. Typically when someone presses the call button on the outside video intercom unit or rings the door bell it activates the camera and alerts the indoor monitor. You can then talk to the person as you look at their image.


Door access control kit with built in TCP/IP Ethernet setup. This access control allows you to connect an unlimited number of 1, 2 or 4 door panels to your network for complete system expansion. The controller uses software to manage doors, records the number of people accessing the facilities and can be manage from any computer to remote close or open doors.

Access Control Systems



These are systems you can use for access control to doors, gates, and other entry security protected areas. Many of these systems allow not only remote entry, but also remote communications.

Video Surveillance



Statistics have proven that integrated and strategically placed video security surveillance will deter criminal acts that might have been perpetuating upon your property. Here you will find complete security systems that are designed especially for commercial and residential use. Be protected from burglaries, vandalism, and more. While these security systems will give you discounts from your insurance company, they are also extremely useful for more basic uses such as watching your pets from work and making sure they are ok or keeping a close CCTV eye on the babysitter, employees or your love ones.

Remote Monitoring


View from home using your Iphone or computer MAC/PC.

Each of our PC-Based or DVR home and business security camera systems are remote viewable not only from a PC/MAC with internet connection, but also from various PDA phones like Android phones, BlackBerry phones, Iphone, iPod, iPad, Windows Mobile phones and more.

Always stay connected with your home or business security camera systems with remote camera viewing today.

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