Remote Cooling Tower Monitor/Controller

•Software to view data or edit PLC programming logic

•Ethernet/USB/land modem/cell modem communications


The WebMasterONE® can be configured for your specific cooling tower application. With digital inputs capable of monitoring tank levels, providing interlocks, feed verification and receiving other plant parameter signals such as corrosion rates, biofilm monitors or phosphate concentrations.

The WebMasterONE® is set up to control two cooling towers, with Bleed, Feed and two Biocide control relays for each tower. It has all the capabilities.

WebMasterONE® controllers are available with Modbus TCP/IP protocol and can communicate with your existing building energy management system, SCADA system or distributed control system over an Ethernet connection. You can view data and alarms using the HMI software that you use for all your other processes.

WebMasterONE® operates in Server mode and will respond to requests for sensor readings, alarm messages, relay status, digital input states and more.

Web-based Building Management Made Easy

Web-based, easily-scalable building management, monitoring and control system.

Integrating mechanical into electronic web based systems, and for assuring that each system communicates effectively and works smoothly together.

Design Controllers deliver effective cost control over a building's energy usage and HVAC equipment maintenance, plus optional BTU metering, in single locations, multi-site or multi-building installations ranging from retail stores, strip malls and restaurants to offices, apartments, schools and high-end residential.

• Affordable

• Web-based

• Simple-to-use

• Scalable - add only the pre-programmed, equipment-based controllers you need

• Manage the system from any web-enabled device or PC



The Smart Remote Thermostat



The Internet enabled, wireless Smart Thermostat allows you to manage your home comfort from anywhere at any time. Unique features automate energy conservation to help you conserve energy, save money and reduce your environmental impact.

Personalized Web Portal

You can access your Smart Thermostat through your personal and secure Web Portal. You can manage all aspects of your Smart Thermostat from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

MAC/PC and Iphone Compatible

Boasting the most comprehensive control ability that youd expect from Mitsubishi Electric, the new G50 Controller has a great deal more to offer. Its the worlds first ever air conditioning control system to successfully use internet technology!

It will connect to almost any network of computers, via ethernet and has the ability to control up to 50 indoor air conditioning units. Using Internet Explorer 5 or 6 as its local or remote browsing software, the G50 gives you instant access to all your control functions just where you need them!

•Simple program editing

•Set up alerts and service reminders

•Manage vacations

•Change your preferences

•View reports of how your AC or heating system is performing

•View your program for the day or the week on one screen

•Manage multiple thermostats from one Web Portal

•No annual fee!